Girl Scout Days 2013-2014

The U of U SWE section hosted two Girl Scout Nights this year, in order to reach more girls!

Girl Scout Day 2014: “Edible Engineering”Girl Scout Night

Our annual event for Girl Scouts, grades 4-12, was held February 21st, 2014, and coincided with “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”, put on by Eweek!  The theme was “Edible Engineering”, and activities included liquid nitrogen ice cream, cooking with electro-chemistry, and a mock pudding factory.  Girls learned about how engineering relates to the food we eat, and got to taste test their own engineering experiments.

Adults (parents, educators, grandparents, ect) attended our “Grow your own Engineer” session, free of charge, with their registered girl.  This session will educated adults about women in STEM and about getting their daughters excited and keeping them involved in STEM.

Engineering: It’s a Girl Thing Jr

For the first year, we hosted an event for young girls, in grades K-5 (Daisies, Brownies and Juniors).

View the awesome pictures from Girl Scout Night Jr here!

Keep checking back for update on next years events!

2 thoughts on “Girl Scout Days 2013-2014

    • Hi Jann,
      I will add you to the Outreach email list, which will provide information on our events, as well as suggestions on how to encourage your daughter in engineering.

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